3M Aura 9320+ Fold-Flat FFP2 Dust Mask


Pack of one

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• Comfortable and practical disposable respirator
• Protects against moderate levels of fine dust or oil- and water-based mists
• High-performance filter material reduces breathing resistance for increased comfort
• Three-panel design allows for expansion around the mouth for freedom of movement
• Embossed and sculpted top panel improves compatibility with eyewear with reduced fogging
• Chin tab allows easy fitting and adjustment
• Hygienic packaging avoids contamination before use for practical storage and dispensing
• Fold-flat design allows easy storage and transport
• Colour-coded headbands indicate FFP2 protection and offer a good fit
• Maximum usage level: up to 10 times the workplace exposure limit (WEL) for particulates
• Dolomite-tested to resist clogging for longer

EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 FFP2 NR D
Assigned protection factor (APF): 10


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